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Domaine Rostaing-Tayard - Wine of France
The heart of Men 2020
Quiet Dry Red

Comment :
Coming from a family of winegrowers for 4 generations, Emmanuel has traveled through different worlds
professionals. It was in his late thirties that he began training in Beaune, then became
vineyard worker in Volnay, Fleurie and New Zealand. It's in Savigny, in his childhood village
located on the border between Beaujolais and the Coteaux du Lyonnais that Emmanuel settled in 2020, his
first vintage and certainly not his last.
Le-coeur-des-hommes is an ode to gluttony! A nice appetizer on blackcurrant and
cherry, followed by a pleasant salivating freshness to finish on a tannic finish, but always
juicy. Sparkle, pleasure and of course the table: roast veal for example. A winemaker to follow.
Style of wine: Tchin, Encore!