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Emmanuel Rostaing-Tayard is one of those who are called “children of the country”. He grew up in Savigny, a small village of 2,000 inhabitants located 35 kilometers from Lyon. It is here that he feels at HIS place. Especially when it is between 2 rows of vines. As a child, he gladly followed his grandmother, Marguerite, who did all the work there, even those traditionally reserved for men. Thus, it was his paternal grandparents who transmitted to Emmanuel the love of nature, viticulture and wine.

Curious, Emmanuel first left to explore other universes before finally listening to his little inner voice which summoned him to return to his sources, to return home, to become a farmer in his turn. It was finally when his grandparents died in 2017 that Emmanuel gave in to the call of the earth and began a professional retraining. Several experiments on other wine-growing lands, in France and abroad, followed.

If ease was part of his vocabulary, Emmanuel would surely have seized the opportunities offered to him to settle elsewhere, far from Coteaux-du-Lyonnais. He preferred to play the cards of patience and stubbornness for the sole purpose of giving birth to his own domain on his native lands.

2020, a twist of fate: Emmanuel has the opportunity to save the last plots of Gamay de Savigny in extremis. The village, once considered a cradle of viticulture, has seen its wine-growing land disappear one by one in favor of building construction. Emmanuel fights to preserve the last square of old vines in Récy, restores it and thus becomes "the irreducible winemaker of Savigny", the only winemaker to sculpt the landscape of the town.

 Since then, he has counted 8 hectares, all of which are biodynamic since it is the only way to cultivate the vines that Emmanuel envisages. It's simple he does not know how to do otherwise! In this regard, he can now count on his sister, Claire, a peasant herbalist recently installed in Savigny. Together they create preparations based on 100% local plants for a biodynamic culture in complete transparency. In the vineyards, Emmanuel also relies on his teams, especially his seasonal workers whom he pampers, always keeping in mind that “happy people make happy wines”!

In 2020, the cuvée "Le Cœur des Hommes" was born and is already seducing professionals and amateurs who see it as a perfectly balanced Gamay and recognize in it the strong markers of the AOC Coteaux-du-Lyonnais. Surprise and credibility from the first vintage! Very soon, 2 other cuvées with evocative names (Le Chant du loup, Ultreïa, ) will see the light of day, in white and in red. This range of 3 wines has been designed through a parcel selection reflecting the mosaic of terroirs that make up the estate's vineyard. Moving in the opposite direction to create wines that have it, this is what drives the eponymous Emmanuel of his own estate.

When Domaine Rostaing-Tayard has seduced the most beautiful tables of contemporary gastronomy, in France and abroad, Emmanuel will challenge himself to introduce the richness of his terroir to the general public. How ? Through a welcoming place imbued with meaning and epicureanism open to all lovers of good products concerned about their origins and their impact on our planet.

Text credits: Agence Lyonnes