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I grew up in the vines at Récy in Savigny within a family of winegrowers who passed on this passion from generation to generation… you could say that wine runs through my veins!

Here, polyculture dominates our landscapes and the vine is an integral part of it.

Who says polyculture says ecosystem so dear to biodynamics, so it was only natural that when the estate was created in 2020, I embarked on a process of organic conversion certified by Ecocert and in biodynamics certified Demeter.

The approach in the vineyard or in the cellar is said to be little interventionist since I only use biodynamic preparations; herbal teas, fermented extracts and decoctions. These preparations allow me to use minimal doses of copper and sulfur to fight against diseases such as mildew and powdery mildew. The vines are grassed and I sometimes work the soil on the surface with the help of a chasing machine so as not to compact the soil and disturb its microbial life. On the pruning side, I am trained in non-mutilating pruning and I take care to respect the flow of sap in order to perpetuate the life of the vine and to avoid diseases of the wood.

In the cellar, I vinify with indigenous yeasts, that is to say with the yeasts already present in the grapes. Vinification takes place naturally without inputs. Once the alcoholic fermentation and Malolactic fermentation have taken place, the only input I use is sulfur in very small quantities at the end of ageing.